Social Media Marketing on a Budget

Inbound marketing includes content creation, an email newsletter, social media marketing, and more. As you work to increase your company’s reach on a short budget, you may find that social media marketing is a cost-effective way to do so. However, it is possible to waste time and money with it without clear direction.

Start with a Strategy



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Many believe just chugging away is the solution for social media success, but this is not at all the case. You need to establish realistic goals, timelines, deadlines, and plan out content to build a successful social media marketing scheme.

You may want to consider expanding your knowledge with an EMBA Degree so you are better qualified to build and direct your marketing strategy. This is even more important when your funds are limited, since you won’t want to waste a lot of time discovering what works and what doesn’t for your particular audience.

Establish a Process

To build an efficient system with your social media posting and content creation, you need a routine. Social media needs to become second-nature to you – it takes time and practice to become faster and better at it.

Plan Ahead

Build a content calendar to help you keep track of your upcoming business events and holidays that might shape your content. Your calendar should also keep track of upcoming deadlines, article ideas and goals you have established. Staying ahead of your deadlines will help you come up with truly good ideas and not rely on last-minute hack jobs that result in mediocre content.

Keep it Manageable

Don’t get in over your head. One of the worst things you can do with a small budget and limited time is to spread yourself out over too many platforms. Failure to respond to customer inquiries and inconsistent posting is a quick way to lose your audience and appear unprofessional or unreliable.

Crowdsource Content

Just because you can’t afford to hire a marketing team doesn’t mean you can have other hands helping you accomplish your goals. There are a number of websites out there who will allow you to hire freelance writers, designers, and more. You can choose an employee to work for a set wage or a bid project, only paying on a project-by-project basis.

Far Beyond Self-Promotion

Find out what it is that your customer truly wants and give it to them in your content. One sure-fire way to slow down customer engagement is by engaging in shameless self-promotion of your company. Instead, focus on content that provides value and inspiration for your customer and let them see your industry knowledge through your insightful and creative posts.

It is important to be consistent in both posting frequency and voice in order to build an audience which cares. Too much, and your audience will feel spammed – too little, and your audience will fail to realize your value. With the right balance, your marketing scheme stays well within budget and effective at helping your company grow.

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