Social Media And Olympic Medals


You may wonder what’s the relation between Olympic Medals and Social Media. But the latest news says that there is something so important that social media is doing in the Olympics.  It’s just few years only that social media got powered as we see now and it’s clear the role and importance on social networking medias like Facebook, Google + and Twitter over the public. The fact that the Social media addiction is being affected on athletes also.

There was restriction for the athletes to use social media websites but the restrictions were not much effective. The team secrets and the tactics are getting public with this social media. From the last week onward this issue is being affected on many teams and more regulations are being imposed on the athletes. Even team meeting conversions are being ” tweeted ” which directly bring trouble for the team officials, management as well as the other team members.

The media person will on a hurry to get the exclusive content usually. But now the situation change little bit. The only thing the media person to do is just wait for the latest tweets form the team. The posts often may be harmless but the the media will do it’s job which will directly bring headache to the authorities.So it was heard that the restrictions and regulations on the teams are getting more strict in the present condition.

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