Smartphones: Keep Them Safe From Harm [Infographic]

Smartphones are the ultimate must-have gadget of the 21st century, and as technology advances, these gadgets will become more and more integral part of our lives. It is crazy to think that it was just 25 years ago that the film Wall Street had suited and booted New Yorkers walking around with a house brick in their hand. These days a mobile phone weighs less than a slice of bread, but is worth a lot more in cash. That is why it is so important to look after your phone and keep it safe from thieves, who add to the $30 billion estimated cost of smartphone losses every year. Thieves aside, there are plenty of other ways to lose these expensive gadgets. A recent survey suggested that water damage is a big mobile phone killer, with 21% of people saying they had spilled a drink on their phone, and 31% saying they had dropped their phone down the toilet. That’s one way of getting rid of your phone when you want an upgrade.



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