Skype Bug Delivers Messages To Wrong Contacts


Dear Skype users, – and by that we mean a significant chunk of the human population – here’s something you really didn’t want to happen. There’s a bug in the Skype system and it is stealthily creating pandemonium in the Skype community by sending user messages to wrong contacts. This bug isn’t exactly a leaf out of the PC monitoring software manual, but it sure is one scary beast.

You Have Been Warned

Those Skype users that have recently updated the IM (Instant Messaging) service have been warned that there is a bug in the latest software which has the potential to divert the messages to the wrong contacts. Although it’s not as if this happens every time one signs into their Skype account, the fact that there is a chance – however slight it might be – that your messages might be potentially sent to someone you wouldn’t want anyway near the periphery of that info is not a particularly pleasant prospect. It sort of is like PC monitoring software, only that no one really has any idea where the data might be sidetracked.

Skype Says

Skype has categorically stated that only when a particular user’s ‘Skype client crashes’ in an IM session. This can, in a few cases, lead to the last instant message – prior to the said crash – being sent to another random contact when the user’s Skype is logged in again as a new user, or even if it is rebooted. So yes, it’s not as if the Skype bug is throwing in random messages to random people left, right and centre – at least that’s what they say.

SunnyLady78 Says

This recent Skype hullabaloo to a certain “SunnyLady78”, who reported that use on the Support Network forums. She stated that her Skype began to act strangely ever since she updated it June, claiming in a thread that after she opens her chat window of a certain contact it lists the latest messages even though she had already read those articles.

Fixing the Fix

 If the latest noise coming in from the Skype hierarchy is to be believed, they are working on fixing the bug. They aren’t really sure as to the number of user under the dreaded bug’s gun, but it is being peddled that the number is miniscule, since the conditions needed to unearth the bug are extremely specific. Even so, Skype is still working on fixing the fix – so to speak – and remedying the Skype versions that have been affected. These include 5.9 and 5.10 for Windows, Mac’s 5.8, Linux’s 4.0, Windows Phone’s 1.2, Android’s 2.8 and iOS’s 4.0.

Mercury Rises

Skype’s latest move has seen them use the very first ‘hotfix’, with other hotfixes for the infected versions in the pipeline. The latest move has also resulted in Skype discovering that the versions for Windows, Android and iOS have not been affected.

The latter two are of particular concern, since it considers the Who’s Who of cell phone platforms. With the confirmation that the bugs on Android and iOS not bordering on Android spyware or iPhone spyware, the buffs of these two platforms can breathe a relative sigh of relief. But of course the tech mafia has other means to infuse Android and iPhone spyware, even though Skype might be a secure outlet for the time being.

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