Six Reasons Why Readers Avoid Your Blog

You love to write posts for your blog, but how can you get enough readers to see what you have to say? Attracting traffic to your blog is hard work, and you want to make sure you can keep your readers coming back for more. You can take steps to make your blog captivating, bring in more readers, and draw comments from them.

Here are the top six reasons why readers close your blog and never look back:

1. Your Titles Do Not Get the Reader’s Attention:

The topics you choose and their corresponding titles must be attractive to readers. Articles are published to several search engines so readers are more likely to click on those with interesting titles. For example, a simple search for blog posts on search engine optimization might return two different articles: “Ways to use SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for Your Blog” and “5 Reasons Why Your Blog Sucks and Gets No Traffic.” Which one are you more likely to click on? I would rather read an informal, creative article than a boring technical article that could’ve come from the user’s manual of a Maytag dryer.

2. Your Posts Lack On and Off-Page SEO:

You already know that your blog does not cater to everyone in the country but targets a specific audience. By not utilizing on and off-page SEO techniques, you may be attracting the wrong audience or no audience at all. In order to get the right traffic and consequently earn a profit, use on-page SEO by placing your keywords in the page title, meta description, and tags. You can also comment on various blogs, submit articles, or participate in online forums to build quality links for your keywords. This off-page SEO strategy allows search engines to place those keywords (and your blog) on the first page of search results, making it easy for readers to find your website.

3. Your Blog Does Not Have an SEO Package:

With an SEO package installed, you may be able to rank your blog post more effectively. Two awesome packages I recommend are Yoast SEO and All In One SEO package.


Yoast SEO enables you to provide your focus keyword, title, meta description, and meta keywords, which are crucial for search engines to crawl and index your website. This shows the concentration of your website and how search engines can rank it.

4. Your Content is Not Original:

Let’s face it. Sometimes blogging can become an overwhelming project, trying to meet the demand of new and interesting information all the time. Although it is challenging (even tempting), you should never plagiarize someone else’s content! Besides making you look bad as a blogger, duplicating posts can negatively influence your Google rankings. Since your reputation is on the line, you should always write creative and original content.

5. Your Blog Contains No Social Media:

Everyone knows that social media is one of the latest buzzwords. Not only does it enhance your website, but a social media strategy makes you more accessible and keeps readers up-to-date. Every business owner should sign up for major social networking websites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and StumbleUpon. You cannot simply create a profile and hope it draws more business; you must be active with social media and let readers know why they should read your blog.

6. You Threw in the Towel:

Starting a blog can be a long and difficult process, but you must stick with it in order to gain loyal readers. It is not easy to start a blog and instantly have thousands of fans. With only 15 to 50 views per day, it may be frustrating for the inexperienced blogger, but traffic will grow if you continue to post interesting and original content (See #4). Hard work and dedication, along with Steps 1-5, will let your blog take off, and the results will eventually show. Good luck blogging!

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