Simple Steps To Install Windows Xp Faster

Hi all, am back with a new trick for windows xp users. As you all know windows xp installation takes little more time that compared to installing  latest versions of windows operating system. Here is an easy method that reduces windows xp installation time.

Simple Steps To Install Windows Xp Faster

Just follow the steps bellow for installing windows xp faster.

  • Boot from windows xp installation disc.
  • After all the installation files have been loaded, Select the partition you need to install operating system.
  • Format selected partition using file system NTFS or FAT32
  • After formatting process had been completed, Restart your system (Will done automatically).
  • After rebooting, you will get a screen saying that 38 minutes remaining to complete installation.
  • Now the trick works, it will reduce the installation time to 10-15 minutes.
  • Now Press Shift+F10, it will open command prompt.
  • Type “taskmgr” and press “Enter”, it will open Task Manager.
  • Select process tab form task manager and select process named “setup.exe”. Right click on process and set priority to High, which is Normal by default.

You have done. It will help you in saving your time will installing windows xp.

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