Server Locations And VPN Providers

Server Locations And VPN Providers

VPN providers usually offer servers in many nations. This provides you with a way to access geo-restricted content, among other things. Determining what server locations you need, however, can be a question that, to a great degree, dictates which VPN provider is right for you. For example, if you need to access webpages from many different nations, there’ll be some VPN providers that are much more appropriate for you than others.

Differences in Service

While VPN providers offer a service that is largely similar between one and the next, they do tend to market themselves to different segments based on the specifics of their services. Matching up your usage needs with a provider is really not that difficult if you understand what the different services provide. Here are some basic guidelines.

Market Research

Depending upon the location from which you are accessing a webpage, you may get vastly different content. One of the ways that webpages vary in terms of what content they provide is seen in the advertisements that appear on the page. For market researchers who need to access webpages as if they were in a different nation, looking for a VPN provider that offers servers in many different nations is advantageous. There are many VPN providers that do offer this. Most of them will have their server locations listed on their webpages or you can check reviews of VPN providers to get a list of where their servers are located.


If you’re located in a nation that doesn’t allow you to view certain content, you’ll want to take this into consideration when you choose your VPN service. The primary concern will be accessing content that is exclusive to a given nation as if you were in that nation when you visited the webpage that applies. If you want to access information that is only available to Internet surfers in France, for example, you’ll want to look for a VPN provider that has servers located in France. The same applies to any other nation. While some VPN providers offer servers in many different nations, be aware that having an IP address from one of those nations may not be particularly advantageous if you’re just trying to get around geo-restrictions.

Internet Services

Some Internet services will be offered in different languages depending upon which nation your IP is from. If you’re traveling, you may want to get a VPN that offers servers in your home nation if you want to access Internet services as if you were at home. This is a very popular option for business travelers who need to be able to access the same resources they access in their home nations when they are traveling abroad. One caveat is to make certain that the VPN service you choose uses a protocol that can get through any national firewalls that may be applied in the nation that you’re visiting. For example, IPsec is one of the more easily blocked protocols while OpenVPN can generally get through national firewalls.


Sometimes, VPN services that have servers located in many different nations may cost a bit more. If you only need servers located in one or two nations, there’s no sense in paying for a package or a provider that offers you servers all over the world. Just as is the case with bandwidth, the right VPN package for you will be determined by your usage habits. If you’re using a package from a provider that allows you to access servers in 10 different nations and you only use two nations, see if you can cut back on your service package a bit so that you can save money without sacrificing any usefulness.

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