SEO Errors to Avoid at all Costs!!


SEO, good resolutions, it is better late than never take. Here is a summary of SEO errors you should not repeat and advice to implement better practices. As we see every day some fairly basic things are not applied, or that some myths die hard and referencing errors known yet continue to be implemented.

From now on, even if you still had some inclination to continue:

  • Stop: put keywords in your description tag excessive. This may be perceived as an attempt by Google spamdexing. When we know that the meta description tag adds nothing in terms of positioning, it is better to write in a “salesperson”, without exaggerating on keywords.
  • Stop: subscribe to any directory . Emphasize quality directories, there are list of quality directories. Register massively directories just are fatal, and premium directories that accept anything as a description of your site you are likely to be downgraded due to duplicate content. Therefore, avoid working for nothing.
  • Stop: Focusing on a single query . We will never know what will comprehensively query users will type to access your site. It is far better to optimize many pages on different keyword phrases, rather than focusing on one. It is the same for the anchors of your inbound links, try to vary.
  • Stop: Focusing only on the engine instead of visitors. Of course, search engines are important for your traffic. Keep a little time to think about your content for the visitor. A user who does not understand what you offer because your lyrics are just stacks of keywords, will leave unsatisfied. It may be better to offer a clear and attractive being in third position in the SERPs, rather than the first if visitors do not stay.
  • Stop: working SEO and the popularity of a site that does not own a domain name. Users’ home pages offered by Internet service providers have lost years of work when the URL has changed. Do not take the risk to save a few Euros per year for a domain name or hosting your site.
  • Stop: make internal links between your pages with words such as “click here”, “read more”, etc.. How do you know that an engine on which you will communicate on the next page? Or, do it on an image and give it the “Alt” adequate.

Instead, think of:-

  • Creating original content: the extent or site permits, fill in your content, add items or put your pages on a regular day. Try to be different from your “competitors”, the quality of your speech or tone, think different!
  • Making hunt plagiarists : do not let you take your seats plagiarists in the SERP. Act kindly or legally, but if you’ve spent hours producing content that you can be well indexed, do not let them steal your work.
  • Making content fresh: either through a news section, a blog, add content regularly. Engines love your pages are frequently updated, and as if by chance, users as they return. Pay close attention to links “bought” course practice will always exist and can be implemented in an intelligent way and not detectable, but Google made ​​a diligent hunt for this type of practice. The presence of a page as it can be expensive.
  • Take into account what Google suggests: It can be very useful to be present in the results of query suggestions proposed by Google when searching …

Take the train to universal search. This is true, it is not always easy, but it can bring you a huge targeted traffic. A video, a picture, an address on Google Maps can boost your visits. For example, in this query , videos and images offered occupy two levels of response. For it , the location allows some to occupy two seats on the first page.

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