Securing Subdomains: Wildcard Certificates

Securing Subdomains: Wildcard Certificates

It’s incredible to think that the Internet has been widely available for almost 20 years, isn’t it? In that timeframe, accessibility and technology have grown substantially, giving people from all corners of the world the ability to connect to the web. The problem is, that as Internet usage has grown, as hhue malicious threats and attacks, meaning that now is as important a time as ever to ensure your safety is of paramount importance.

As a business owner, it’s essential that you consider your users when thinking of website and server security. Investing in a CA certificate could be all you need to benefit from your consumer’s trust, meaning they will be less likely to go elsewhere and more likely to stick with you. If you’re selling a product, this could be the beginning of increased conversion and a successful business.

Anyone with a little knowhow and forethought will know that the key to stress-free success is keeping things simple. If you can stay one step ahead of the game and make it as easy as possible for yourself, everything else should fall into place.

The use of subdomains is one such way to keep things simple for both you and your customers. They give ease of access for customers navigating your website and can be kept safe and secure with a Wildcard Certificate. Rather than purchasing numerous separate SSL certificates, a wildcard will ensure that any subdomain that you apply for will be secured, ensuring that sensitive data can be transferred encrypted and safe.

For example, if you apply for a wildcard SSL certificate that includes ‘*’, it will not only secure your landing page ( but will also secure other subdomains, such as ‘’, ‘’ or ‘’.

By investing in a Wildcard Certificate, your security can grow as your business does. It’s well worth the initial investment if you consider the consumer confidence you’ll gain from installing a CA certificate from a licensed provider. Take a look at the options, today.

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