Rockmelt : Browser For Social Media Addicts

Rockmelt : Browser For Social Media Addicts In this article I am going to introduce you a new cool web browser by which you could make your social networking life more easier and comfortable.

Rockmelt is a new web browser which uses the Google chrome platform to browse website. The best thing about this website is that you can run all the popular web apps beside browsing any other site. The Facebook chat box is always attached at the right side , so you could chat with your friends at any time.
At the left side all the apps you have chosen would appear. Now you could easily get all the notifications  from all the sites at the left side bar. .
In a nutshell, you could use all the popular website like Facebook, twitter, gmail, tumblr, Youtube, Groupupon, 9gag etc at the same time while browsing any website. Isn’t it cool? The browser would be very familiar with you if you are habituated to Google Chrome.
So if you are interested then Go to this website and click download. Install the browser and enjoy
Rockmelt : Browser For Social Media Addicts

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