RIM or Windows? The Nokia Lumia 920 vs The Blackberry Bold 9930


It’s not often that we get to recommend a Windows phone, but in this case we might have to. With the big contenders in the mobile phone operating system world being Apple and Android, your options are a little limited if you choose to do without one of the big names.

There really are only two other options, you can go with Blackberry’s RIM operating system, or with a Windows phone.

Being that neither one of these is a particularly popular choice, it can be difficult to get information when trying to choose between them. So, we pitted the Nokia Lumia 920 (a Windows phone) against the Blackberry Bold 9930 (a RIM phone), to see how they compared. The phones themselves are at a similar price point, so should be comparable. What did we find?

A RIM Phone For the Win?


The Bold 9930 is not a bad looking phone. The immediate difference that you notice is that it’s got a real-life keyboard. Some people like this, saying that it makes typing easier, so for some people this is an advantage. Others, like us, prefer touchscreen typing, but to each his own.

The Blackberry screen does have better colour reproduction than the Nokia, since it comes with a TFT LCD screen, rather than the older model LCD screen which is on the Nokia.

Maybe the biggest difference in functionality though comes with applications. The Blackberry is connected to the BlackBerry App World, meaning there’s a direct connection for app downloading that is fast and convenient.

The Nokia has nothing. Plus, with a RIM operating system you can run multiple applications at once, allowing you to browse the web whilst talking on Skype, the Nokia can’t do this. Finally, the whole device is just lighter and smaller than the Nokia, which isn’t something that’s said often about clunky Blackberry handsets.

Or Maybe a Windows Phone Takes it?


But the Nokia wins out on everything else. For a start, it’s faster. It runs a 1500 MHz processor over the Blackberry’s 1200 MHz, so it’s snappier and more responsive. It also has about thirty per cent more RAM, which helps with that responsiveness and makes multi-tasking easier. Plus, its maximum data speeds are about three times faster than the Blackberry’s, so your data downloads faster and your web pages load faster too.

The screen is not only two and a half times larger than the Blackberry’s, but is also higher resolution and has higher PPI, so that it’s clearer and the picture is better defined.

Oh, and as always, the Blackberry’s camera is terrible, and the Nokia comes with full HD video shooting capabilities, plus an 8.7 MP cam (the Blackberry only has a 5 MP camera), so you get far better quality pictures and videos with the Nokia phone.

And when it comes to internal storage, the Lumia wins hands down, 32 GB compared to the Blackberry’s 7.8 GB, so there’s lots more room for pictures and movies.

Windows Does Win, Right?

Absolutely. Although we like the Blackberry’s app store and prefer a TFT LCD screen, the Windows phone is simply better at everything else. When it comes to spending this amount of money, we don’t want to get it wrong, and we want the best functionality we can get. This means going with the Nokia Lumia 920, the Windows phone takes the prize.

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