Reasons to Protect Your Wi-Fi Network


A wireless network is something special that makes sure you have the freedom to move around the house or workplace. The practical uses of installing a Wi-Fi router or network are undeniable but the fact is, getting a Wi-Fi means you are putting your personal or work network on the line so ensuring that there is adequate protection is not just beneficial to your needs, it is vital for your safety as well.

Stolen IP

The two biggest challenges your Wi-Fi connection faces include the threat from your IP address. Your IP address comes from your Wi-Fi connection so even if someone else connected to your network and uses it from their own computer, it is your IP address that will appear and can be tracked back to. As a result, you expose your computers and your network to outsiders, if it is unprotected, thereby allowing them to do what they want without really knowing what they do with it.

You don’t want to be woken up because an anti-terrorism team breaks down the door to your home and drags you away for defacing a government website or even attempting to hack into a major government database. You don’t have to be directly responsible because someone using your connection is enough to implicate you as a perpetrator. All you can do is hope that it wasn’t someone trying to overthrow a government, because then you’ve had it!

Stolen ID

What kind of information do you have on your computer regarding your personal life? Do you have your bank account information? Your credit card information? Maybe your passport or your driving license details? Most people tend to store ATM pin numbers and other important details on their computers because it is a safe and long-lasting way of putting down all the information that you find too hard to remember.

However, you are effectively putting it all out there for someone to just walk in and take without a second’s thought. Imagine the kind of things they could pull, with your identity, and the kind of trouble that could get you into.

Stolen Music

Most people don’t think twice before downloading their favourite songs. You might not be the one downloading those songs but others, around you, might find your open Wi-Fi connection as an invitation to hog on your bandwidth and bring those record companies down on your head. There are plenty of places where you can find pirated music to download and in no scenario would you want to find yourself sitting on the defendant’s chair facing record company lawyers!

Cyber-bullying Victim

There have been some cases when people who were bullied in the cyber world went on to commit suicide or take someone else’s life as a consequence. For most people, this kind of bullying might seem nonsensical, but if someone finds out that the messages originated from your IP address, you could find yourself behind bars. If the real perpetrator happened to be using your Wi-Fi connection, it become a bit hard for you to prove that you weren’t behind the entire deed.

There are plenty of simple ways to secure your Wi-Fi connection and none of them require a degree in computer science to implement. Simply putting in a slightly complex password, that you can remember, will ensure that you are likely to keep people out of your network. A firewall on all your computers will also keep potential identity thieves out of the system while regularly updating your system and changing your passwords is a great way of staying a few steps ahead of bandwidth hogs.

A simple change to the Wi-Fi connection can make a huge difference to the way your network’s security can be handled. Just make sure you are careful about this small detail because you could end up paying a huge price if you aren’t careful enough with your network. There are already enough viruses and worms on the Internet to worry about – don’t add another nightmare to your world with unsecure networks.

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