RAZR Maxx powered by 3300mAh battery will arrive shortly

Back at the beginning of December, we got news of the name Droid RAZR Maxx for one of Motorola’s upcoming smartphones. We didn’t have much more than some EXIF data to go on, but did see one unconfirmed report from a Verizon user who claimed to have been told by a retail employee that the RAZR Maxx was basically going to be a slightly-thicker RAZR with the benefit of a higher-capacity battery. Even a minor change to the phone seemed like a surprising development, considering how little time had passed since the Droid RAZR was first introduced. Sure enough, though, Verizon and Motorola have now confirmed the RAZR Maxx as just such an extended-life RAZR.

The original Droid RAZR features a 1780mAh battery. The larger component in the RAZR Maxx bumps total capacity up to 3300mAh. With that kind of juice, Motorola says you should expect about 21 hours of talk time on a single charge. On standby, you might even see a charge hold for fifteen days straight.
The RAZR is renowned for its thinness; what kind of toll does the new battery take on the phone’s profile? While the original model measured-in as slim as 7.1 millimeters, the RAZR Maxx is just a hair under 9 millimeters thick. Ultimately, we’re still dealing with a quite thin smartphone even with this larger battery.
Sales should begin “in the coming weeks”, with the new RAZR Maxx demanding just about $300 on-contract. You should also see the original RAZR’s price drop to $200.

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