Plastic Card Printing [Infographic]

Have you seen those plastic cards that they use to make Debit cards, credit cards, School and Office IDs, and all of those cards that can be scanned by devices and stuff? Have you even thought that they can actually be used as a medium for your marketing plans? For example, you can make digital gift cards that can be scanned by smart phones using QA Codes. With your promo data installed in a mobile device, chances are your promo’s audience will double, since you’re giving your clients the ability to send your promo to other folks out there via their phones. You can also order those magnetic cards that are used on credit cards and such – perfect for membership cards and other promos that require you to save data specific to each customers. If you want to find out which card would work great together with your promo or other marketing ideas, here’s an Infographic made by It can give you an idea about how each type of plastic card works.

Plastic cards have always been a main choice when it comes to marketing any business – regardless of its size. Most new business owners have no idea what or how to pick which one is good for their business, however. If you’re one of those entrepreneurs who are looking to use plastic cards for your marketing, then you should read on. Plastic cards can now be incorporated with your online promos and customer service program, thanks to continuous advancement in technology. Smart phones can now scan codes from these cards to be sent to you, your website, or another potential customer. Long are the days gone when data inside these cards can only be made, recorded, and scanned by large, advanced businesses. To help you learn more about these plastic cards, here’s a helpful Infographic made by It shows different plastic card types, shapes, and sizes to help you determine which one would work best for your marketing campaign. Enjoy!




  1. Infographic is a plastic cards printing field and it is very good

  2. Plastiv cards are good they have made a good impact in daily lives , tranparent plstic cards are more attractive ,multicolors cards are more stylish according to design point of view.

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