Planning To Buy A Digital Camera? Consider 5 Essential Features

Are you looking into buying a good camera? If so, it’s important that you keep a few things in mind. You want to be certain that you’re getting the best possible camera for your money, so you would do well to research properly before buying it. Only by learning what you need will you be able to find the camera that will serve your needs best, so here are 5 essential features that you should consider when buying a digital camera:



The zoom of your camera is probably the most important thing to look far, as you will probably end up having to zoom in to take close up photos. It’s essential that you look for a camera that has good optical zoom, as optical zoom is how much the camera lens itself will be able to zoom in and out. The higher the optical zoom, the more the camera will be able to zoom in properly. Digital zoom can be as high as 12x, but you usually end up with grainy, poor quality pictures when it’s digital zoom. Consider optical zoom, as it’s the most important feature.


The number of megapixels that the camera can use is something that you need to consider, as that will determine just how high quality your photos are. You will want to get a camera that has a good number of megapixels, and 12 MP will usually be pretty good for those taking casual shots. Professional cameras will usually have more, but the thing you need to know about megapixels is that they will affect the size of the shot. If you take pictures with too many megapixels, they will be huge files that will fill your camera too quickly.


Type of Camera

There are two basic types of digital cameras that you can find these days: DSLR and point and shoot. Point and shoot cameras are perfect for those who just want to take pictures, and they will usually be fair quality and well priced. On the other hand, a DSLR camera will be a lot more advanced, and they will take pictures that are much higher in quality. They have many more options for precision shooting, and you will be able to set the camera to take pictures exactly as you want. If you want to take the best quality photos, DSLR will be the best choice for you.


The price of the camera will usually go up the higher the quality of the images will be. The average point and shoot camera will usually be fairly cheap, but a DSLR camera will often be a lot more expensive. You need to consider just what kind of pictures you’re going to be taking, as that will determine how much you spend on the camera. Those taking casual pictures will be better served with a cheaper camera (usually about $200 to $300 will be good), while those using a camera for professional purposes are looking at a very costly camera (upwards of $600)

Image Stabilization

There are very few photographers that have a perfectly steady hand when snapping pictures, and the slight trembling in your hands when you take pictures can actually affect the quality of your photos. You may find that your pictures will be better quality when the camera comes with image stabilization, as the camera itself will adjust to compensate for the natural shaking of your hands. It will be very important that you find a camera with this stabilization, as it will ensure that your pictures come out as clear and crisp as possible.

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