Photo Of The Day: Radioactive Green Rocks

Green Rocks – Hvaleyri in Hafnarfjörður, Iceland

4 minutes drive from my home (yes even closer than Straumur art center) is this interesting and popular beach. It is called Hvaleyri and has recently become one of the main seascape shooting location for Reykjavik photographers. Low tide reveals these very interesting rocks that are covered in green sea weed. I do not remember seeing these rocks so green before. I am sure I would have noticed them if they where this green. But then again alot of changes are going on in the sea around Iceland these days due to warming climate. The trickiest thing about photographing a complicated area like this is getting a good composition. Isolating a single stone is impossible so I decided on shooting these three larger stones in the foreground to try to make some sense to the complex scene. – Orvaratli

Photograph by Orvaratli via flickr

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