Photo Of The Day: Entrance To Ice Age

Iceland is located in the North Europe. Iceland is a island between the Greenland Sea and the Northern Atlantic Ocean, northwest of the United Kingdom. The island covers a total of 103,000 sq km, about 100,250 sq km land and 2750 sq km water. The tempature is moderated by the North Atlantic Current. Iceland has usually cold windy winters, damp and cool summers. The Icelandic terrain is like no other, Iceland as many mountains, ice fields and the coast is deeply intended by bays and fiords. There are also some natural hazards in Iceland such as earthquakes and volcanoes. The most famous volcanic eruption happened some year before in the mountain Hekla.

One of the most unique experience I had on my trip in winter to Iceland was visiting ice caves. These Ice caves should be reached and entered with a special knowledgeable guide. Since by nature they are unstable it is dangerous and unsafe to enter alone without guidance. This is the entrance to the cave. I was intrigued by the special curves of the ice shelf. Almost like fish scales. Also here you can see the differenet tones created by the light. The entrance is lit by the outside sunshine which is also reflected. Inside it gets blue and bluer and cold as well (-:   – Shy Cohen

Photograph by: Shy Cohen

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