People Don’t Trust You Unless You Can Prove You Are Amazing


Everybody is building a website these days and it’s getting much harder for people to know who to trust. People scan websites and take content to turn into their own. It looks as if that person knows what they’re talking about, but as more and more people are finding out this isn’t the case. Once someone has been stung once they will learn to distrust anything they read, that is unless that can be absolutely sure.

Now it’s your job to make sure you are that person. You are, aren’t you? It’s probably hard to accept that you need to go the extra distance to prove yourself, but you do. There are certain things you can do to make sure. It will involve extra work and it could cost you a few hours of your time. But what’s the alternative? Here are a few things you can use to build credibility.

Give people results

How many list posts do you see these days? Everyone and their dog is writing about a top ten for something. People like to read these posts and share them with their friends. They find them interesting. But how many people do you know that will take action on ten things at once and get results? Absolutely no-one. This means you aren’t really giving them anything.

You need to be careful about the way you add content to your website. Each article should focus on one specific thing. Something a reader can take away from the article and go try out for themselves. Guess what happens when they try it out? They get results. That’s if you do know what you’re talking about. Now you have built credibility.

Add social proof

Everyone on the Internet these days needs to be noticed by authoritative websites. Once you have connections with big websites it means people will be able to trust what you’re saying. Why else would these big websites be talking about you? They wouldn’t. You’d just be another random nobody on the world wide web. The hard part is being found.

Now it’s easy to contact a massive website with a huge amount of readers and offer to write them content. Your work will now be forever on their site. People will find you through the article and they will already trust you before they even get to your site. Take an image of their logo and add it to your site, mentioning that they have featured you. It works.

Let them inside

You can tell anyone anything you want and they won’t know any different. Whether they believe you or not is another matter altogether, but they still can’t change anything if they think you are a fake. If someone thinks you are faking it, the only way you can gain their trust is by showing results.

If you have a fitness blog you could still be a huge overweight pizza lover. Add a video or picture to the site and they know you are the real deal. Don’t tell someone you earn millions per year and hope they throw money at you. Take them inside your Paypal account and prove it. Do that and you are credible.

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