PC Suite Backup PRO 2 Review

PC Suite Backup PRO 2 Review

Back up tools such as PC Suite Backup PRO 2 by Markement compete against the in-built data backup tools in Windows, albeit with additional features. However, backup Pro 2 does much better than Windows. The main interface presents four functions: create a new backup and view backup reports. The software allows you to back up data on the computer or user selected data. Incremental backup plans are also available, besides complete backups: here only the changes made to the previous backups are saved. However, it can’t take differential backups.

PC Suite Backup PRO 2 Review

External hard drives and network locations were perfect as destinations for data backup, but backing up data to cloud services is not possible. Instead, PC Suite Backup PRO 2 connects to its own online storage service, which is not free-you get 10GB of storage for 5 euros (around Rs.360) per month. In case of file based backups, you have to manually specify every folder you wish to backup. It would have been nice if there were a direct way to select oft-used folders such as pictures and Music. The software initially failed to run on our test PC running Windows 8, but worked normally after a restart. However, we occasionally faced system crashes. If you plan to use this backup software. We suggest you first backup all your data and create a mirror of your system partition, as it will come in handy if your PC doesn’t recover from crash. The only good thing about PC Suite Backup PRO 2 is that, it does not take too long to backup data. It took only 1 Hour and 43 Minutes to backup a 670GB partition. In case of file backups though, there is still room for improvement. It took more than an hour to archive 40 GB of photos, which is quite mediocre.

PC Suite Backup PRO 2 Review

If you are considering going in for Backup PRO 2, we suggest you first check out the trail version. You can also take a look at free alternatives like Backup Maker, EaseUS Todo Backup Free and FBackup.

System requirements:

Operating system: Windows all

RAM                       : 2GB

Disk space             : NA

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