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There will come a time when you are made redundant.  If it hasn’t already happened, that is.  The feeling isn’t a good one yet more and more people are going through it every day nowadays as companies tighten their belts thanks to the global financial crisis.  With unemployment at record levels and so much competition for a job, you may not find it easy to walk into a new company as you used to.  Recently there has been a surge in the numbers of self-employed as individuals turn to new means to earn their keep.  Thanks to the internet, they stand a great chance to make it stick, though.  So, if you find yourself stuck in financial troubles, what can you do about it?


Clear Out That Loft

Junk.  Everyone has it and while a trip to the tip was a fixture of many childhoods there is a new method.  Whether thanks to the internet or not, people seem to be buying anything and everything nowadays.  Perhaps these people were doing the same before yet now they are simply visible.  You can put anything on eBay, so why not do so?  Have a clear out of your loft and make a nice list of all your non-essential items: things you wouldn’t mind selling.  You’ve probably got some old computer games, books and cd’s that you don’t want, so get listing.

Get on eBay and list each item with a reserve price that you’re willing to let it go for.  Who knows, someone may want that old Steps album or that upright hairdryer you inherited from somewhere or other.  You also get the added bonus of having a clear out.

Now you have a small amount of ready cash, it’s time to start making some more money.  The easiest place to start is with online writing or data entry.  You can search for work on the many freelance sites out there, such as Freelancers or oDesk.  On here, the site takes a small percentage of the job in return for organizing everything for you.  While you cannot expect to earn a good sum, you will earn enough to get by, although it does take time – which is where that clear out came in handy.


The Art of Marketing

Once you have a decent income stream, you can start to look at ways to actually earn a good living.  One of the fastest growing areas of business is Internet Marketing.  This sector is a bit of a shady area, with a lot of conflicting ideas about how best to proceed.  The simple premise is to make websites or blogs that generate income from advertisements.  You can spend a few hours each week updating each site and posting new content and you will earn your income passively.

This won’t work, however, unless you market it.  The way most Internet Marketers go about this is via Search Engine Optimisation.  This method is all about getting that first rank on Google by creating links back to your site from other, relevant sites.  If you do it well, then you can rank highly on Google for competitive keywords and gain traffic to your site, thus boosting your ad revenue.  One thing to look out for, though, is Google’s constant changes.  They don’t really like unnatural links to sites and drop pages that have such links down the rankings.

The new method of marketing your sites is by content marketing.  This idea isn’t new but it has taken a whole new relevance recently.  Basically, you create writing, videos or graphics that people want to share, each of which links back to your site naturally.  That’s a lot of work, though.

Do You Feel Lucky, Punk

So if that seems just a bit too much work for you, then there is, of course, another way.  The web is a huge thing, containing many different universes. So just tap into another one of these: the professional gamer.  Now, while one of these is your typical World of Warcraft player, the potentially more profitable method is via online poker.  With the internet’s popularity having never been bigger, there are millions of new poker players bringing money to the table for you to win.  Your eBay sales will really come in handy here.

A lot of online casinos will offer you a great bonus on joining: they will double – or even more – your initial deposit.  This means that you can drop £100 into your account and be credited with £200 with which to play.  So just play with that free money.  If you’re good enough, you will win big with that free cash, leaving you with just profits.

To be good enough, though, you have to learn. The best way to do so is just to play and play for free. offers a great opportunity to play free poker and who knows, if you’re good enough you can play for your living.

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