Nokia Smartphones Navigating To Cheaper Consumers


When the smartphone business is in question, there are primarily two players that rule the market. While Apple caters to the elite market; others are happy to settle for Android operating system by Google.

Microsoft and Nokia appear to be struggling hard to make room for themselves in the market. Having entered into an alliance almost a year back, the launch of Lumia line was announced within eight months. This new range of phones is indeed impressive.

Neither of the two companies seem to be subdued in their approach. Microsoft is coming up with websites in foreign languages to heed to the demand of smartphones in 28 countries. Nokia, on the other hand, continues to come up with latest versions of its phones at surprisingly low prices. The latest example being the Lumia 610 handset that will be available for $250, or at least 30% less than the cost of its predecessor, Lumia 710. This amount is before any telecom subsidy is levied.

Although it is too soon to say if Microsoft-Nokia alliance will be successful in its endeavor, it will still take some time even if they actually do make a huge impact on the market.

Wall Street also seems to be in agreement on this as today’s trading shows a 5% down for Nokia’s stock.

So, finally the cheaper phone users can take a sigh of relief and look forward with hope for the new models of cell phones that will be arriving in the market, few months from now. After all, the subtle designs and features of the phones in such a tight budget will be challenging for a company to deliver. But Nokia has ruled the market before and knows the market way too well to make any mistakes.

In the end, there’s something good that’s coming off for tight-budgeted people even if it is out of compulsion to strive in the market than a concern. Still Nokia is considered to be the first choice of millions of people worldwide. But for this brand to survive these struggling times and to avoid being lost in the world of oblivion, it’s important that it strikes the right chord with their target market. Else, it may just have to grapple and bite the dust soon, leaving all their reputation to fade away, as they say “off the sight is off the mind.”

Anyway, here’s wishing Nokia all the luck with their challenge and hope it proves its worth yet again and continue to be a part of our lives for years to come.

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  1. I’m also a nokia customer. But, i don’t like nokia…planning to move on to Sony!:-)

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