New HTC models headed to Sprint, T-Mobile and Virgin Mobile

New HTC models headed to Sprint, T-Mobile and Virgin MobileTaiwanese smartphone and tablet producer HTC announced some big news at the 2012 Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. The HTC One line will be released later this year and a few U.S. carriers have already been named as the lucky recipients of these cool new gadgets. Leading the highly anticipated line of smartphones is the HTC One X. AT&T has already confirmed that it will offer the HTC One X, but it will be the dual-core version instead of the powerful quad-core packing. It is rumored that Sprint will also be carrying the HTC One X.

The HTC One S is making its way to T-Mobile, and it is expected to be the best T-mobile htc model. And an HTC representative said that the HTC One V, a reportedly smaller and cheaper phone, will be offered by low-cost prepaid carriers such as Metro PCS, Virgin Mobile and U.S. Cellular. This would be their first Android 4.0 phone.

The HTC One V has a comparatively small screen and size, which may be the reason for its lower price, but it is by no means a low-quality product. The 3.7-inch LCD screen uses an 800 by 480 resolution and will feature HTC’s new software. The device is handy for taking quality photos with a rear camera of 5-megapixels using HTC’s new F/2.0 lens. And it’s unibody aluminum design keeps it uniform with the rest of the series. Although, the HTC One V has something the other Ones are lacking: a MicroSD card slot.

The real star of the show is still the HTC One X. Although the quad-core version isn’t coming to the U.S., this monster of a phone will still be sure to please. As HTC designs always go, this one takes after previous models in terms of aesthetics. This 130-gram tool of black slab is encased within a 134.4 by 69.9 by 8.9 mm chassis.

The best part is this whopping 4.7-inch Super IPS LCD2 device is bestowed with the much-hyped Android 4.0 Ice Cream sandwich operating system.


  1. Serena Frieden

    Hi, I have a blackberry already with internet and unlimited texting. My contract ends in about 1 week and I am planning to get the HTC Droid, if i do so would my bill stay the same as it is with the blackberry with the htc droid. I know about the 30$ data and internat plan and 25$ for unlimited text but any other charges to be added?

  2. Joanne Mefford

    I just bought the HTC Incredible. Downloaded the Handcent app for texting. When I get a text, it comes up through handcent and the messaging program that the phone comes with. Can i make it so that i only get the message once through Handcent, without deleting the original messaging app that came with the phone?

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