My Smartphone Guides Me Through The Real Estate Jungle

My Smartphone Guides Me Through The Real Estate Jungle

If there are any two words which can describe how drastically technology has changed over the past decade, those words can surely be access and mobility. We now live in an era of electronic notepads, laptop computers, and more recently Smartphone’s. We have been given unprecedented access to information on the go; this data arriving at faster and faster speeds with each passing year. Nowadays, people are performing more business away from the comforts of their home or office. Instead, they are increasingly using Smartphone’s to address concerns ranging from what theatre a certain movie is playing in to balancing a check book. In particular, one area that has seen a considerable benefit from the introduction of the Smartphone and its capabilities is in the search for real estate properties.


In 2012, it was found that a full two-thirds of people who used their phone to perform a property search contacted an agent or an individual to investigate further. Of the one-third which had not used mobile devices in their search, 85% stated they planned to do so in the future. The main reason for this is the increased access now granted by wireless technology to actively view listings via the internet and the ability these devices have to find new ones as they are posted. Instead of having to wait until returning home to check local publications, Smartphone users can now view these opportunities immediately. This affects both the amount of options the buyer has as well as the number of potential buyers the seller can encounter.


Additionally, because of wireless mobility, now when a buyer is going about his or her daily routine and encounters a sign listing a property for sale or rent, the seller can be contacted without delay. The interested prospect has the ability to take photos of the home, record the location and any other relevant information and subsequently take action. As opposed to years in the past when house hunting was a rather passive endeavour, i.e. perusing listings in a magazine or performing online searches, now it has taken on an active role. Families can take weekend excursions and view houses together whilst recording newly posted listings for later enquiries. Simply put, Smartphone’s have placed the possible buyer literally in the driver’s seat! He or she can take notes and contact sellers in real-time while taking full advantage of the ability to act on an interest immediately if so desired.

Larger real estate companies have begun to realize this as well. Recently, the international conglomerate Century 21 has launched an application that can be used on a Smartphone which can expedite the homebuyer’s quest for success. These larger businesses understand the flexibility that these phones now offer and wish to capitalize on the improvements presently available. With a larger number of individuals becoming aware of what this increased access and mobility can provide, this trend should only continue in the foreseeable future.

This information has been compiled by Brandon Barnes on behalf of Rhodium

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