My Computer Stopped Me Going To The Cinema


Before computers became a common household item it used to be a very exclusive equipment. If you asked the average person on the street he/she was not able to explain exactly what is a computer from the layman’s terms. Only they would know that it was a computing machine. Computers had come a long way since then and now almost each and every electronic gadget has a small computer to carry out the what that gadget is supposed to do.

A computer was almost the size of a big room back in the day. Mainly it was used for banking purposes to calculate complex mathematical algorithms and experts who could operate were not common. It was quite a brainy bunch of crowd who handled those bulky big equipment.

Since the personal computers were introduced in the 70s it started to become familiar with the ordinary citizens and later one could not find a job without having computer skills. It clearly created an issue in the job market. Some were not familiar with computers and they could not find a job without being familiar with computers.  But at the same time they were very hesitant about gaining computer skills. But they had to have computer skills to get a job. Later when the younger generation started learning about computers since an early age it quickly filled that gap and almost everybody become familiar with the computers.

Even though computers were originally introduced to do the banking work and computing later it had been developed into doing other things. When the computers became a common household equipment, the computer manufacturers introduced home entertainment for the computers. The process of taking a photograph, how we watch a movie or listening to music had totally changed since the computer technology had become familiar to the public. It had made quite an impact on the society as well. Instead of going to the cinema and having a community experience people started watching a movie in the bed. Also instead of listening to music on the stereo people started listening to music on the computer. Best advantage was that you do not have keep on changing the CDs. Taking digital photos is another advantage with the computer. It is such a green friendly way which reduce photo printing paper and also reducing color labs using chemicals and releasing to the environment.

The distance of your loved ones who live thousands of miles away made cut short since the computer technology had developed methods to keep in touch. It made hundreds of thousands of people to be relieved about being distant from their loved ones. And many grandparents had the chance to read a bedtime story to the grand children even though they were thousands of miles away. Lot of lovers were able to keep their love growing strong thanks to the computers and computer technology.

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