My 7 favorite BlackBerry Apps

BlackBerry’s Sweet Spot

The smartphone is the world’s smallest stage. Filled with fantastic speakers and bright, vivid screens our smartphone is merely the opening act for the main show: the app. BlackBerry users have a wide variety of apps to choose from. Let’s look at seven BlackBerry applications that tickle me pink.


The BlackBerry Travel app

The BlackBerry Travel app is the one stop shop for men and women who find themselves traveling the globe. From booking a trip to finding the right restaurant in an unfamiliar city, BlackBerry Travel can synchronize and create a trip when it receives an email confirmation of upcoming travel. Other features include currency conversion, hotel bookings and weather forecasts.


Runtastic Pro

When you’ve finished with the busy meetings and need a good workout open the Runtastic Pro app to record time, distance, calories burned and heart rate, as well as your location via GPS. Once you are finished with your workout share your results on Facebook. Word of warning, this app will not dry off the sweat or cure the soreness.



PixTrix for BlackBerry is for all the budding photographers. This app takes your pictures and lets you apply different effects such as vintage or black and white. PixTrix is simple to use and allows you to upload your photos directly to Facebook.


The Virtual Sticky

If you are like me, you leave sticky notes for yourself and then lose the sticky note. It’s part of the process of turning 40. Maybe it is time to upgrade to Home Screen Notes, the virtual sticky. This app allows you to post notes to your home screen. Never forget to take out the trash again!


Pinball Deluxe HD

For those folks who like to play games, Pinball Deluxe is a way to get your gaming fix. This app is known for its surprisingly sharp graphics and there are five different tables to choose from. In addition, it contains all the normal elements of a pinball game for that authentic feel.


Google Maps

Google Maps is an extremely popular app. Ditch your GPS system and follow exact directions on well laid out maps. There is also an option for voice navigation, which allows you to keep your eyes on the road.



BlackBerry InstaRead allows the user to read articles that are sometimes tough to read on the BlackBerry browser. This app allows you to change font size, line spacing and length.

Many new and interesting apps are being everyday to an already impressive list.

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  1. I saw an application that acts as a pedometer for use with a blackberry but is 40 dollars. Does anyone know of any apps you can use for route planning for jogging or average speeds or anything involving running?

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