Muscular Tegra 4 Processor From NVIDIA (World’s Fastest To Date) Released


Are you fascinated by iphone 5’s processor? Thinking it is the fastest ever processor built for smart phones? CES has always something to show since 1970’s videocassette recorder to 2012’s Ultrabook. In the android era, CES is going to catch certain eyes shifting from software and app developers to hard wares. Here is an amazing product which is sure going to be a cynosure.

NVIDIA- American graphic company based at Santa Clara, has unveiled on 6th of January at CES, a muscular processor Tegra 4. Speculations and certain strong indications from inside sources reveal that it will be even faster than iPhone 5 and iPad 4 (Apple A6X). Hang on we are still having certain features of this very Tegra 4 to share with you. To enjoy the tech world shopping just go to Yebhi Coupons.


1. Tegra 4 is having ARM[Advanced RISC(Reduction Instruction Set Computing) Machine]’s Cortex-15 architecture, which suggests a dramatically rapid processing power than its predecessor Tega 3 which was having Cortex 8 architecture. Officially 2.6 fold higher speed for web browsing and app performance.

2. In addition to above mentioned feature, there is another eye catcher, mammoth 72 GPU (Graphic Processing Unit) cores. Huh 6 fold the previous Tega 3.
3. It also includes NVIDIA’s first 4G LTE modem.

4. HDR- High Dynamic Range, a “Tech Trick”, which can be methodize like this. Processor take two photos very quickly, one is of high exposure and other is of low exposure and then recombines both of them into a richer photo. You may have a question like what is there so special in this feature. It is also there in iPhone 5. But let us have a look what NVIDIA CEO Jen-Hsun Huang (A Taiwanese born American, Ex Director at LSI logic and ex designer at AMD) has to say on this.

“Tegra 4 took shots at 0.2 seconds per frame, 10 times faster than iPhone 5 which takes an HDR shot at 2 seconds per frame.”

5. There are two more tricks (obviously for cameras) enabled by Tegra 4. HDR Panorama and tracking a moving object without blur. I.e. football

6. With this processor NVIDIA maintains its own 4- plus- 1 design, which is empowered by a relatively tiny fifth core helps to regulate power consumption of other more powerful cores!


So much has been offered?

Wait NVIDIA will be on a dream run this year. In this month itself, NVIDIA will be sampling its LTE enabled i500 modems to partners. The very modem contains 8 processors inside enabling 1.2 trillion operations per second. This move will help NVIDIA to push its Trega 4 chipset to more smart phones and tablets.

Senior vice president of Tegra business Phill Carmack said,

“Its new capabilities, particularly in the area of computational photography, will help improve a whole range of existing products and lead to the creation of exciting new ones.”

So, let’s have a little look to the business scenario. Having highest share in the market Intel is clearly leading the segment. AMD has failed to provide the much speculated competition to NVIDIA. So, it looks like a clear runaway for NVIDIA this year.

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