Mobile Tethers: Never Lose Important Items Again

If you are one of the many people who is prone to losing car keys, mobile phones or both, there are a few innovative devices designed to help you keep track of these important possessions. Manufacturers have created Bluetooth key chains that detect the presence of your mobile phone, creating a digital tether. Each works slightly differently, but the premise behind them is similar: Sound the alert immediately if you lose your phone. Of course, if you misplace your entire handbag, these fobs won’t be of much assistance; however, if you are a sometimes- or oft-forgetful mobile user, they can be great security tools that keep you from losing your expensive mobile device.


Mobile Tethers: Never Lose Important Items Again

ZOMM was the very first mobile phone leash with Bluetooth, and its operation is simple. ZOMM clips to your keys, the side of your purse or anywhere else you like. The alarm system vibrates, flashes or sounds an alarm if you walk away from your handset so you can easily recover the mobile before completely leaving it behind. Additionally, there is a separate alert that sounds when your phone is receiving a call, and you can use the device as a speakerphone. This is particularly useful for those who carry large purses or bags that may make quickly finding a mobile in time to receive a call difficult.

Phone Halo

Mobile Tethers: Never Lose Important Items Again

Phone Halo is a newer device and has a few different capabilities than the ZOMM. Within the device are a global positioning system antenna, a speaker and Bluetooth wireless connectivity. You can attach this piece to keys, a briefcase or any other object you wish to keep close at hand. The dongle is synced with your mobile phone through the Phone Halo app.  If your phone is missing, press a button on the unit to get your mobile phone ringing. If your phone is set to silent, Phone Halo overrides your settings to help you locate your handset. Unlike with ZOMM, the alarm feature works in reverse:  If you can’t find your keys, simply open the app and toggle it to beep. Your dongle will immediately sound the alert, allowing you to locate your lost necessity. A single smartphone can track multiple Phone Halos, as well.

If you accidentally leave the phone or the transmitter behind, text messages, emails and even Tweets are immediately sent to alert you about the separation, with specific information about the gadget’s last known location displayed on Google Maps so you can easily navigate back to the place at which you lost your phone or keys. However, you cannot receive calls through a Phone Halo.


Mobile Tethers: Never Lose Important Items Again

Bringrr operates much like the ZOMM, but it is designed specifically to stay in your car. Using the cigarette lighter as its power source, Bringrr will let you know if your synced phone isn’t in your pocket, purse or possession. While it is the most basic of tether devices, its function is likely to give you a good idea of where you may have misplaced your mobile phone. Since you are unlikely to lose your entire car, the alarm needs only to work one way. The resulting lack of elaborate features makes Bringrr the least expensive option for wireless tethering.

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