Mobile Recycling is a Money Maker


With the growing number of cellular innovations, each family in the UK has deserted at least five cell phones within the last year. These old cell phones are left hanging around and to the disposal of toddlers who use them for toys.  However, you will be obliged to make a change in your household after you have learnt that mobile recycling is a major money maker. Are you looking to make some extra cash? It is time to wipe the dust, dirt and drool off your old cell phones. There are many ways in which you can gain from mobile recycling. Here are a few:

Profit guaranteed

It is assured that you will make a profit from recycling your old cell phones. There are far more profitable uses for your old cell phones rather than having them as souvenirs or relics hanging around the home. Zero defects to your phone secure a high selling price since it is good as new. Dysfunctional phones are just as good because they too have valuable parts that can be sold.

Your money is guaranteed in this business since there is always something that can be sold from the used device. The process of trading is quite easy also. Mobile recycling is one of the most convenient businesses because it can be done anywhere as long as there is a functional internet enabled device such as your computer or laptop.

It gets more exciting! is the number one leading mobile recycling company that pays their clients cash within a week for their old cell phones. At they believe in making a better life for their customers by providing the most attractive rates. You are a couple days away from your first check for that old blackberry you have stored in the cabinet.

Health Benefits

Cell Phones are very attractive on the outside but the reality is that constant dumping of old cell phones increases the likelihood of cancer in humans and spread of chronic water borne illnesses. Mobile recycling is your way of giving back to the environment and saving the human race from toxin. Toxic chemicals such as mercury, lead and arsenic are present in all cell phones.

Instead of manufacturing new cell phones and electronics from scratch, mobile recycling provides functional phone parts that can be used to make a new phone. This decreases the use of harmful chemicals necessary for manufacturing these electronics.  Mobile recycling is a way in which one can be considerate to others by contributing to their wellbeing. Decreasing the use of harmful chemicals increases the life expectancy of the average man.

Cut Costs

Given that recycled phone parts are used to make new phones, the cost of production would decrease which automatically reduces the cost of the finished product. Therefore the price for new cell phones, iPods, iPods and mp3s will be cheaper than previous years. Re-using the components of recycled cell phones is a way in which mobile recycling affords an economic benefit. Life is made easier through this new initiative. It makes the world a cleaner and safer place to live. With more money in your pockets, you can get the vacation that you deserve or start investing in a solid education as a step towards fulfilling your dreams.

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  1. The mobile phone market still continues to grow from strength to strength and as technology advances and we populate the planet at an ever increasing rate, more and more people are now using mobile phones than ever before. They of the 60 Billion people on the planet at least 90% have and use mobile phones. It is estimated there to be around 100 million mobiles in circulation and that number is set to increase again, if not double over the next 5 to 10 years. We upgrade our mobile handsets every 12 – 18 months and purchase over 1 million new mobiles every day in the UK alone. The actual statistics are thought to be much higher than that.

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