Mobile Phones – Weapons of Societal Destruction


You will constantly hear people talking about rules and etiquettes of handling a mobile phone when out in public. “Don’t use it on the dinner table” and “stop texting when you’re in a gathering” are just some of the things that people tend to hear when placed in such an environment. So, when you spend a good part of your monthly pay and get yourself a brand new smart phone, you end up offending everyone else on the planet because every time you want to take your mind away from the dull conversation you are having, the only thing that gets you away is also the source of everyone’s hatred.

Since you have got a smart phone now and there’s no going back, you need to be bold and adamant about using it like you feel. That means, making sure that there is enough dough within that phone, in terms of applications, to keep you running for a long time without requiring the need for real-life or social interaction of any kind.

Here are some things that you need to give higher priority to, as compared to the human beings around you. Or, if you hang on the other side of that town, then here’s a list of things that you should never do when in the company of other people.

Get your Call

If you get a call in the middle of a public gathering, it is considered quite rude to check who’s calling. If you go on to answer that call, you could expect a gun to be pointed at your face, something that would be considered quite apt by the others at the venue. However, if there is one etiquette that has been wrongly conceived, it is this one. That one call could be an emergency or a once-in-a-lifetime-old-rich-uncle-dying-but-leaving-you-a-fortune-if-you-answer-a-phone-call moment. At that instance, if you choose to pay more attention to the people around you, you might just end up like street bum, starving to death – all because you didn’t pick up that phone call for which you bought the phone in the first place.

Check In

One of the latest things to hit the mobile phone arena are applications that allow you to join various social networking sites, that are connected to locations, and “check in”. Basically, you are telling people around the world, who are your friends, that you are at a particular place at that particular moment of time. Whether you are sitting around a table with your friends, letting their social networking profiles know that you are with them, or whether you are documenting every step you take since you get out of your bed, checking in is a vital part of the smart phone experience.

Don’t Check Spellings

Your phone is called a “smart” phone and that means, it is completely aware of what you are doing. So much so that it gives itself the liberty to finish off the words you might want to say, with its auto-complete feature – something that your wife of 40-years might struggle to do. Add to that the auto-correct feature and you get a brilliant device that almost writes your messages itself. You don’t have to do anything except type the first letter of each word and, at your beck & call, the phone will race away to create the message and send it out to all and sundry.

Driving on the Phone

According to the laws of driving on the roads, you are not allowed to drive your car while talking or texting with your phone. However, the lawmakers seem to believe that eating a pizza or assembling a hand-gun seems to be quite alright when you’re behind the wheel. Otherwise, they would have had laws banning those things too! However, since these laws don’t exist and the lawmakers were too stupid to think of them, you would have to be daft to listen to someone more stupid than you are. So talk away to your heart’s content while behind the wheel and pray that some maniac, in another car, isn’t playing the tuba while getting ready to crash into you.

There are plenty of things that you are told not to do when you are on a mobile phone. In Japan, it is considered rude to talk to the phone inside a train or a bus. So what if you were talking to your dying friend who’s breathing his last. Basically, people seem to have something against mobile phones and people who use them. You have to wonder what that little device, which boosts your social life and allows you to check all your social profiles, and speak to all your friends and family, has done to harm your friends and family.

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  1. Cell phones are a source of electromagnetic fields, radiation which creates change in anything it comes into contact with. EMFs emanate from mobile phones and because of how phones are used, these EMFs come into direct contact with the brain.

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