Mind-Blowing 3D Pencil Drawings By 17 Year Old Fredo

Can you imagine pencil drawings being three-dimensional pieces of art? Works by 17-year-old artist Fredo from Chile are surely awesome and mind-blowing. It feels that in a moment the drawn objects would jump off the page. This feeling is so strong, and all the drawings are highly detailed and look real. It usually takes Fredo from 30 minutes to a month to finish each piece.
His real name is actually Wladimir Inostroza, but he goes goes by the name Fredo. Inspired by the great masters like, M.C. Escher, Rembrandt, Beksinski and Arcimboldo, Fredo has developed his own modern style. Some of his 3d drawings took him only 30 minutes to complete, but there were cases where he needed a whole month. To achieve this level of realism, he also incorporates real objects in his work.

The young talented artist says that music is an integral part of his creative process, and his biggest inspiration comes from bands like Tool, Sigur Rós, and Explosions in the Sky.


  1. are these drawings? I can't belive this! So, super…

  2. oooohhhhh… gush are incredible.

  3. My god…What a 3D pictures….Really Mindblowing…Good share akhil..

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