Microsoft’s Mood-Based Advertising


When Microsoft says they are targeting a demographic, they mean it. It’s been revealed a new advertising technique will be rolled out, maybe even in the near future, that will employ highly targeted marketing techniques.

Microsoft is behind the patent for the technology that enables the Xbox 360 to help marketers know what ads to show based on users’ reactions to ads presented. This futuristic technology could be a help or a hindrance, depending on how you look at it. Either way, it’s an interesting glimpse into the innovations the future of advertising promises.

How Does It Work?

The camera located on your Xbox will be able to capture your facial expressions and body language when you react to advertisements as you’re seeing them. Advertisers will know if you’re reacting positively or negatively to ads. Based on your reaction, they will be able to gauge what kind of content you’ll enjoy or be interested in seeing.

The Xbox could also be tied into your computer, which will store information about your browsing history and other interests that could also help advertisers market specific ads to you based on your personal preferences.

Privacy Infringement?

Having what’s essentially a small camera monitoring your movements may seem like an invasion of privacy. Also, the software will have access to everything you do online, from searches for Pandora jewelry and Rembrandt charms to pet supplies. Your webcam videos and e-mails could also be accessed, which is more than a little uncomfortable for some people.

Do we really want our private searches and e-mails accessed just to create advertisements that would please us? It may not be worthwhile … even though it sounds very interesting! If this idea comes to fruition, would it be successful with consumers and provide even more ways for marketers to reach their target demographics?

The Upside

When ads are displayed that make you visibly cranky, annoyed or irritated, the camera will pick up on your body language and, chances are, you may never have to see that particular ad again. This could be a good thing when it comes to some of the irritating jingles or ads out today.

For advertisers, it could be a great idea because they can choose the moods of the people they want to target their ads to. For instance, if they are advertising a nightclub, they can gear those ads towards people that are happy or in a good mood and may want to go out dancing.

 The Future Of Advertising

We may or may not see this technology in the future; right now it’s still in the development and engineering phase. What will the public think of this device that will read their every mood? Only time will tell if this actually comes to your TV in the near future!

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