Microsoft Excel Shortcut Function Keys


Most of the user know at least a handful of shortcuts for Microsoft Excel. However, an entire row of function keys shortcut  is often neglected and even unknown to users. We are talking about the Function keys  that  they just do not get enough attention from users of Microsoft Excel. So,Here is a list of shortcut keys in Microsoft Excel. Hope this small tip will help you!

  • F1: Opens a help task pane
  • F1 + Ctrl: Opens or closes the help window
  • F2: To edit the text in the active cell
  • F2 + Shift: To write a comment in the active cell
  • F2 + Alt: Opens the save as dialog box
  • F3 + Shift: opens the insert dialog box
  • F3 + Ctrl: Opens the define name dialog box
  • F3 + Shift + Ctrl:  Opens the create name dialog box
  • F4:  To redo the last command
  • F4 + Ctrl: To close the workbook window
  • F4 + Alt: To close the excel program
  • F5: Opens the Goto dialog box
  • F5 + Ctrl: brings back to the first level of workbook
  • F6: To shift between help taskbar and the excel window
  • F6 + Shift: To goto the previous square in the open worksheet
  • F6 + Ctrl: If more than one workbook is open to switch between them
  • F7: To open spelling correction window
  • F7 + Ctrl: When workbook window is not maximised it will move the window
  • F8: To activate / deactivate extended mode
  • F9: Will calculate all the worksheets in all open workbooks
  • F9 + Shift: Will calculate the active worksheet
  • F9 + Ctrl: To Minimise the workbook window
  • F10: Will select the menu bar
  • F10 + Ctrl: To open minimised window
  • F11: Will create a chart using the current range
  • F11 + Shift: To select a new worksheet
  • F11 + Alt: To switch between visual basic editor and the worksheet
  • F11 + Alt + Shift: Opens microsoft script editor
  • F12: Opens save as dialog box
  • F12 + Shift: Saves the active workbook
  • F12 + Ctrl: To open the Open dialog box
  • F12 + Ctrl + Shift: Opens the print dialog box


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