McAfee Predicts A Difficult Year Ahead For IT Security


Malware will increase in sophistication and changes in tech use patterns will cause significant disruption in 2013, says security firm McAfee. Top on its list of predictions for 2013 are targeted attacks which evade¬†detection’s¬†and often destroy evidence they might have left behind. For the first time ,Windows will not be the most popular target for malware. Android devices are the highest selling category of gadgets in many parts of the world and officers are implementing BYOD (bring your own device) policies, which opens up a whole new avenue for attackers to use. IT administrators are losing control not only of the devices employees use but also of the apps and software running on them. Such apps might transmit information or vulnerable to attacks themselves.

Home and office users alike will face increasingly effective ransomware, which infects a computer and threatens to delete its contents if money is not paid to the attacker. Connector homes and cars could become more mainstream, which also gives malware authors more places and ways to launch.

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