How MaxCDN Improves Website Speed

How MaxCDN Improves Website Speed

A lot of blame gets tossed around when it comes to explaining slow website performance. Some of it squarely does rest on your shoulders, though – and if you haven’t done everything you can to optimize your website, raise your hand and stick your toes in the bonfire of frustration generated by your viewers. You’ve got some work to do!

If, however, you truly believe there’s no way you can take the website optimization game up any further levels…what are you supposed to do then?

After all by now we’ve all been exposed to those sobering statistics showing that the average online viewer expects their browser to render a page of your website in only two seconds or less. And how, after the third second of waiting, if the page isn’t ready to view, up to 40 percent of your web audience says, “Boom! I’m outta here.”

There may be nothing else you can do about it, but there’s definitely somebody who can help you. That somebody has the ability to accomplish what you simply cannot do: which is to actually put your content physically closer in proximity to your website viewers – thus crashing through the latency barrier causing slow page loads for them.

How MaxCDN Improves Website Speed?


MaxCDN is a Content Delivery Network (just call them by their acronym: CDN) that takes the images, JavaScript, and CSS – the “heavy” data-intensive elements of your webpages – and duplicates them across a network of servers around the planet.

Remember, the slowest thing a website can do is make the requests for files from servers across the Internet. By cutting down those requests, you remove the reasons your website may be frustrating customers with slow loads.

MaxCDN has a worldwide distribution of 500 peering partners creating a direct reach into over 90 countries. What this means is that your customers are connecting to you with just a single network hop. The result? Page load times can decrease from hundreds of milliseconds to only tens.

One additional feature that puts MaxCDN out in front of competing services offering Content Delivery Networks is its usage of Anycast DNS. Why is this so important?

Anycast allows multiple, identical, globally deployed DNS servers to use the same IP address. It provides the ability for content to exist in dozens or hundreds of places simultaneously. Here’s what happens when your customers look up your domain name after you’ve secured the services of MaxCDN: they get the Anycast instance geographically closest to them for the very logical reason that there’s a correlation between network topology and physical geography. Your customers in the Paris. will use the closest MaxCDN node – in London. Customers in Thailand will be routed to the MaxCDN node in Singapore in order to give them the quickest delivery of your website. The key here is MaxCDN’s ability to remove latency and get it down to – in most cases – just a single hop.

Up and Running

Because MaxCDN can pull content from your website automatically, startup requirements for implementation of this amazing web content acceleration service is surprisingly minimal. In most cases, you simply need to get your image, CSS, and JavaScript links changed so they point to MaxCDN. This doesn’t take hours – it’s a matter of minutes.

But wait…it gets both better and easier.

There’s a high probability that your website makes use of e-commerce, CMS, or forums platforms such as Magento, WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Vbulletin or Gossamer. If that’s the case, MaxCDN offers a suite of plugins for the most popular website software in use today.

After you’ve created your MaxCDN account, you’ll find that plugin and in most cases less than five minutes later, you’ll have the full turbocharging power of a global Content Delivery Network at your disposal.

Total Control – As Close as Your Browser or Tablet

How do you control this monster? MaxCDN makes it uber-simple with a browser-based control panel. It gives you complete control to measure speed, data usage, and detection of problems. The interface is elegantly simple and looks just as nice on a tablet as it does a computer screen.

In addition, there’s a relentless amount of help-yourself assistance on the MaxCDN website ranging from FAQ sections for the plugins, to forums and wiki articles. A single mouse click even gives you the latest complete network status.

Unlike some technology-based services, you can and will get 24/7 human assistance from MaxCDN if you need it – either with live chat or a phone call. Go ahead and interface with some humans for a change!

Affordable? You Bet.

Even with the power of a global reach – MaxCDN’s web acceleration solution is highly scalable. Consider this: Your current hosting setup probably only provides enough capacity for you to store your website, and grudgingly gives you enough bandwidth to deliver it to your users. MaxCDN takes a different direction that can only be described as “abundant.” As long as your files are under 10 megabytes, MaxCDN will host an unlimited number of them on its worldwide infrastructure. Your investment is simply bandwidth – and MaxCDN has a wide array of bandwidth plans to match up with your audience.

Don’t expect an obscenely expensive bill if you just happen to exceed your bandwidth allocation under the plan you’ve selected. MaxCDN understands: Success happens! You’ll have the option to either pay for the overage – or if you need to step up – upgrade to a better fitting package. Either way, it amounts to only having to pay for the least amount of bandwidth possible.Plans and pricing truly are affordable – especially if you take advantage of this.

Over 13,000 customers now use MaxCDN to turbocharge their websites: names you know, such as Black & Decker, TNW, StumbleUpon, and Nissan.

However, don’t let these big names lead you to think that this service will cost you big dollars. Monthly pricing starts at just $9 for a basic package. Unlike the phone or cable company, “basic package” doesn’t mean “useless package.” Depending on your bandwidth, it really may be all you need. You owe it to yourself to check out their new lower monthly fees for what MaxCDN calls, “Instant Awesomeness.”

The MaxCDN solution speeds up your website, gets you increased conversion and higher Google rankings – but best of all, it’s a painless upgrade for you…and a welcome improvement for your customers.

ess upgrade for you…and a welcome improvement for your customers.

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