Making Winning Content Marketing Decisions Before You Start Planning [Infographic]

Content marketing is a hot topic at the moment – with all the recent Google updates many see at the most viable tactic for winning in the SERPs. The only issue is that most blog posts tell you to create great content but never define what great content is. They may tell you that great content isn’t a top 10 list – but what is it?

The truth is that successful content is different for every niche – what works for one niche doesn’t necessarily translate to another niche. If you really want to know how to create great content for your niche you need to look at what the niche leaders are doing and figure out what is the most successful forms of content for them.

This infographic from Boom Online demonstrated beautifully hoe to take the data from a leading blog in your niche and apply what you have learnt to your content marketing strategy. The guys at Boom have collected the data form the most linked to posts on the Econsultancy blog to learn what kind of posts attract the most links – whether they are from a specific category and whether they take a particular form.

Taking this approach allows you to set out a strategy that is less likely to fail than if you jump in blind.


Infographic by Boom Online Marketing

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