Mailbox App For iPhone: Is it Different From The Other Email Apps?

Mailbox App For iPhone: Is it Different From The Other Email Apps?

Web browsing is no more limited to your desktop or laptop devices. The new feature-rich mobile devices have taken the computing experience to a new level. You can now navigate the internet world while on the go. The smartphones have made this possible for you! Uploading videos or photos on the social networking sites, navigating the different websites, preparing your project using the internet, keeping a track of the incoming and outgoing mails and so on are the major tasks of the smartphone users.

When you have an iPhone in your hand, the first thing you like to do is check the mail status. Thousands of mails enter your inbox round the clock and a number of them remain unread. As a result, what you find in your iPhone is a cluttered inbox. To relieve you from this annoyance, iPhone has come up with its recent Mailbox feature.

Mailbox – An Email App for iPhones

Mailbox is a very different email app for iPhone. It is true that several email apps have emerged in the market previously but none of them succeeded in organizing your inbox. This newest feature helps you to keep your inbox neat and clean without deleting the messages, rather scheduling them for responding or reading at some other time.

If you start using this new iPhone feature, you will definitely realize that it is different from the other apps. This is not the first time that an app is being released for improving the default Apple email application. Mailbox intends to make your mailing experience better and at the same time will upheaval your emailing experience on a mobile device.

Mailbox vs Other Mail Apps

Apart from the latest iPhone feature Mailbox, there are Gmail and Sparrow apps for mail management. The strong feature of Sparrow is its intuitive swiping gestures, the ability to display several Gmail labels thereby making it easier for you to manage a number of email accounts. With the help of this feature, you can also add pictures to the contacts and give your inbox a pleasant and personal touch.

Whereas, Mailbox lacks certain perks present in other mail apps and Sparrow. In this app, you cannot view the Gmail lists and swipe for sending messages to the existing list. You cannot even add photos to the contacts like the previous app. Since Mailbox is designed to take care of one email at a time, he fails to choose multiple emails at a time like the Apple mail app or Gmail app.

Said this, there is no reason to underestimate the value of Mailbox. This app is more potential as organizational tool and also has some improved features than many of the apps in the market. For instance, in this app, email threads are present on every page making it easier for you to track back-and-forth of long conversations.

What is more attractive in this app is it scheduling feature which allows you to restore your emails at some other point of time. This is a real innovative feature which is not present in any of the apps.

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