Login Information From Yahoo Services Got Hacked

Still uncertainty exists in this issue, but reports says that there was a massive hacking attempt was performed and login information of more than 5 lakh  yahoo users were taken by the hackers. It’s not even clear that what their plans and why this attempt was made.

Hackers had posted login information of about 453,000 of users on their website and they says that all those data were retrieved from yahoo servers as plain text. The hacking group D33Ds was behind this operation and the hacked data was posted on their website. D33Ds group was not much popular until this attack.

The hackers also published more than 2700 database table or column names and 298 MYSQL variable names on their website . The experts stated that account information hacked from the users who use Yahoo Voice Service(an IP telephony service) from yahoo.

Yahoo informed that investigation is still on progress and the updations on this issue published on the right time. Also yahoo advised the users to change the password in a regular fashion.

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