Little Printer : Another Cloud Wonder

Cloud computing and its application are being widely used in modern technology. There are a large number of applications and devices are being designed to operate with the cloud power. Many online application are using the cloud technology including online data storage , application stores etc . But for the last couple of months rather than designing applications, companies are more interested in designing and manufacturing devices those work with the power of cloud technology. Little Printer is the smaller version of normal printers which is having lots of new  attractive features and operate with the power of Cloud.







Like the name resembles Little Printer is just a tiny printer which can work like normal printers but having large number of ” smart ” features. The main reason behind the success of this product is cloud technology but several other exciting features are also comes with Little printer. The best attractive feature is it can behave like the normal printers with it’s tiny size. The Device had been designed and manufactured by landon based firm ” Berg Cloud “. It uses power of both cloud computing and mobile computing. Litter printer need to be connected a wireless network to operate. We can send data to be printed to the Little printer and the device will prints the data that we send to the it.

The app(application) need to operate Little printer had already been designed and separate application for Apple, Android , Windows are available from their stores. The Berg cloud announced about this product on last November and techies were on keen waiting  for this.

 You can now book Little Printer and it will available for you with device cost 259$ and shipping . To book Little printer follow this link.

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