LG Started Making Flexible Displays Later This Year

LG Started Making Flexible Displays Later This Year


LG and fellow Koreans Samsung have been in a close race to produce the first devices with flexible OLED displays. Samsung is working on bringing its Yuom prototype to market by next year. But LG, it would seem, has beaten it to the punch.

“We have completed the development of our first flexible displays. We will mass produce flexible displays from the fourth quarter of this year,” LG told a Korean daily. “We will apply glass-cutting technology for the OLED flexible displays. Monthly capacity for the line was set as 12,000 sheets.”

The flexible displays will support up to ultra HD resolutions, commonly referred to as 4K. The applications for devices with flexible displays are numerous: besides Smartphone’s and tablets, they have applications in wearable’s, which are likely to see an uptake in adoption and production next year. Besides being resilient to damage, bendable displays will also allow users to carry devices with more ease.

The first line of devices with LG’s flexible displays won’t bear the company’s brand. LG is planning to sell these screens to other OEMS for use in their devices.

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