Language – The Most Powerful Weapon In Your Content Armoury

From the moment you enter this world your brain begins to soak up what is around you. Learning is something that we do from an early age, and as we grow, so too does our ability to take in everything that’s being said, done or heard around us.

One thing that often gets spoken about with parents (in rather embarrassing situations with new girl/boyfriends!) is what your first word was. This is a huge milestone in a child’s life and one that is looked on with great nolstagia. This is because the spoken word is a huge tool that can be used in daily life.

As the online world increases it’s presence in our lives, it’s becoming apparent that the spoken word is out and now the big player is the written word; it’s been suggested that 99% of sales or communication completed online is done so in writing!

It is with these facts and statistics in mind that you need to act now and ensure that your website shows your business in the right light. It may come as a shock but you only have six seconds in which to grab someone’s attention on a website; which is why you have to make that time really count!

So, the big question: how do you ensure that the English that you are speaking is portraying the right message? It’s not as easy as you may think!

Firstly, you have to determine who your audience is, there’s no point talking in business terminology when your firm is clearly B2C (see what we did there?) once you know who you are talking too you’ll be on the first rung of the ladder to creating engaging content, whether that’s to sell your product or service, or simply as an informative piece for your readers!

OK, so now you understand the basics of the written word you have to be careful (and strategic) with how you use it; this is often what sets a hugely successful business apart from one that just plods along on the online train.

Read the following two sentences:

– Our products come in different sizes.
– Find a size that suits you with our extensive range.

Both have the same meaning but the latter has more of an impact on you as a reader, why? Because of the language that has been used. It is personal, which is hugely important when talking to your customers; make them feel part of your family and they’ll respond to it!


So, what else can you do to engage your customers?

If you’re in the process of creating a landing page on your website do you know the best way to put it together and use language to your best advantage?

The best way to start and a strategy taken on by many businesses is to take the customer on a journey; reel them in with the words you are writing and keep them there by keeping them engaged and interested in what you are saying. This will help in many different ways; at the least it’ll bring your bounce rate down!

Finally, one of the biggest and most important things you have to do when it comes to writing copy for your business is proof read and spell check; this is no excuse for poorly written content, always get someone else to read through it prior to setting anything live. A customer will instantly bounce straight away from your site if it has errors on it; this will do nothing for your business, and could end up losing you money!

Remember, making mistakes isn’t a bad thing – we all do it! Not taking the time or care to check something and therefore correct those mistakes is!

Never underestimate the power that language can have.

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