Kingston Moves From GB To TB With Data Traveler HyperX Predator

Kingston Moves From GB To TB With Data Traveler HyperX Predator

The MNC that is specialized in computer technology and is involved in developing, selling and supporting the fastest selling flash memory products is Kingston Technology Corporation.  The company is headquartered in California, USA and has operations worldwide, with an efficient workforce of over 4,000. It is more know for the dynamic random access memory or DRAM of which it is one of the largest producers globally. Enjoying over 45% of the total share of the market it is one of the largest suppliers of flash memory. With revenues exceeding $7 billion, the company recently came out with a stunning product that virtually allows you to store the entire contents on your computer in a small flash drive. Incredible as it sounds, this is a fact and the Data Traveler HyperX Predator is now a reality.

Kingston has an enviable global network of distributors, original equipment manufacturers (OEM), retailers and resellers across 6 continents. Additionally, the corporation is into contract manufacturing, making it one of the world leaders in the manufacture of memory modules.  Starting off in 1987 as a designer and producer of the single in-line memory module it was famous for, the company has grown rapidly under the keen guidance of its founders John Tu and David Sun to become one of the biggest names in flash memory today.  The company made rapid strides to become one of the first privately held companies to show incredible progress. It was named the number one in 1992 when it first introduced its portable products like the Data Traveler and DataPak, and the quality was found to be good enough to earn the prestigious ISO 9000 certification, and the company soon joined the million-dollar-club in 1995.

What makes this yet released flash drive which will slowly replace the existing ones that have a capacity of 512 GB of storage is that it is going from the Gigabyte range to a full capacity that boasts of Tetrabyte which will give it the unique distinction of being the only USB available in the market with such a large drive. Add speed to volume and you have a product that is indeed unique. Kingston promises solemnly that the new flash drive will match the capacity with incredible speed. With ideal support from SuperSpeed  USB 3.0, the all new data traveler, HyperX Predator will now boast blazing speeds of 240 Megabytes per second or Mbps  while reading the data and an impressive 160 Mbps per second while writing. What’s more, it comes to you with a five-year warranty and in a solid zinc-alloy case that makes the five-year warranty realistic and cool.

While unveiling the new largest-capacity flash drive in the world, the flash memory business manager at Kingston, Andrew Ewing proudly stated that their new DataTraveler HyperX Predator 3.0 lets the users store on the USB everything that is digital. Now accessing, editing, and transferring large files containing full length movies can be accomplished in an incredibly short time with no visible lag performance. Though there is no information about the price, given that their existing 512 Gigabyte flash drive is available off the shelves at $1,750, the new one that has a Tetrabyte capacity is bound to cost much more. The flash drive should especially find favor with serious gamers who wish to move around with the entire paraphernalia at their disposal, as would any serious movie buff who would like to carry around an entire library of choice movies while on the go.  With a wide compatibility range with devices running Windows 7, Windows 8, Mac Operating System X, Linux and Vista from Windows, the HyperXPredator is certainly going to kick up a storm.

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