Jobs That Require a Strong Stomach [Infographic]

Some of the dirtiest jobs in the world have pretty good pay. A few require specialized schooling but only those in the health care industry like geriatric nursing, emergency medical technician and proctologist. An esthetician needs to go to school to learn the proper techniques for dealing with skin problems like acne or blackheads.

Other jobs don’t require extra schooling just an extra-strong stomach to handle the fluids and smell like those workers who are responsible for our meat in the slaughterhouse. Another job with fluids and smells to contend with is a crime scene cleaner. These people clean up after a crime that has blood, body parts and other bio-hazards.

Dirty jobs that involve cleaning up the waste of others is done by lift pump removers and garbage collectors. Both make fairly good money for those that can get past the stench. The last job pays absolutely nothing and deals with everything the other jobs get paid to endure. That job is being a parent.





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