Jobs That Kill [Infographic]

There are jobs all around you that can hurt or even kill you. Now not only is there a threat of death involved. But also, several of these jobs are low-paying. Not many people would work these jobs if they knew the dangers versus the pay. Some may say the low annual pay is not worth the high risk that come with the job. Is the risk really worth the low-pay or is it time to get a safer job that is still low-paying.

Truck drivers will face dangers all around. The amount of time spent on the road really increases the chances of getting into a wreck or even killed. The amount of deaths is 22 per 100,000 workers. The annual income of traveling sales workers and truck drivers is about 36,000 a year.

Let’s take a look at pilots or flight engineers. The leading cause of death on a job is a high 39% for transportation incidents. This percent is higher than assaults and violent acts, along with other types of deaths. A pilot has a very risky job. An airplane that malfunctions will have a lower survival rate simply because it is in the air. This type of job is on the top five list of the most dangerous jobs in 2010. A pilot or engineer will make about 115,000 in a year and face a higher risk of death.



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