Issues Managing Bookmarks On Android Phones


If you’re one of the millions  of Android smartphone users out there, you’ve probably noticed that importing bookmarks from your PC or Mac browser into Android’s default Web browser is no simple task (if you use folders like I do to organize things.)  If it weren’t for bookmark folders on my Macbook Pro, I’d have a complete chaotic mess on my hands.  When I had my iPhone 4S, keeping my bookmarks synced was easy since Safari for iOS automatically made them identical to the ones on my iPad and Macbook Pro.  When I got my new Samsung Galaxy Note a month ago, I realized I needed to find another solution, even if it meant I couldn’t sync.  I was perfectly willing to just export my Safari bookmarks and import them into my Android browser.  Unfortunately, there is no native support for this built in, so I went App hunting.

Unfortunately, my search yielded nothing.  There are a few great Apps on Google Play for importing exported bookmark files, but they don’t handle bookmark folders.  This means bookmark management on an Android phone is a lot more difficult for me than it was on the iPhone 4S.  This is not a monumental issue for me, but it would be nice to have the ability to import all of my bookmarks, including the ones nested in folders.

One workaround to this seems to be for some people to set up the Google Chrome browser on their laptops and PCs to sync bookmarks, then download Chrome for Android beta.  My problem is, Chrome for Android is not yet supported on my AT&T Samsung Galaxy Note, since it has yet to receive the long awaited Ice Cream Sandwich update to take my Android phone to the required Version 4.0 or higher.  Most Android phone users are in the same shape, since recent research shows that only about 7% of Android device owners are using Android 4 so far.  The rest of us will have to wait for the update to roll for our many and diverse devices.  For some, it may never happen.

This is so far the only problem I’ve encountered in making the transition from iPhone to Android, and honestly, it’s not a big deal to me.  I can make my own .htm file with just the most important of my bookmarks on it – all folder free – and import that into my Galaxy Note’s Android browser.  Got any tips for bookmark management on Android?  Let us hear from you.

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