Is Your Website Outdated Too?


I first took my business online about five years ago.  I invested in a site, purchased a domain and then pretty much left the site to run itself. I had hardly any traffic, definitely made zero sales and had no enquiries coming in. All of my clients came through word of mouth and from my own connections I had made from my precious position.  I forgot about my site until I found my leads were drying up and I needed to make some changes in order to remain self-employed.

Bad Site, Poor Content and Broken Links

When I took a look at my site for probably the first time in over a year I realised it was full of errors. The site looked dated compared with my competitors, there wasn’t any new content and even my contact details were incorrect.  The site needed a lot of work so I set to trying to update all the information and try and make it look modern and if the business was at least still alive. The problem with traffic continued despite my hard work and I needed to get some help to find out just where I was going wrong.

I managed to get a free evaluation and the results didn’t surprise me. The evaluation showed everything I was doing wrong, and told me some ways of setting things straight. I quickly found that a lot of what was needed wasn’t in my capabilities so I outsourced to professionals who very quickly took the project on and began to make impressive alterations which have transformed my business let alone the website.

Experts New What My Website Needed

The hosting of my site was moved and the whole framework was redesigned. The company made some brilliant graphics for me which I have now incorporated into my offline marketing materials.  I have I site which loads quickly and looks professional. The navigation is easy to master and I am able to add any content I want easily.  I have included a blog, a portfolio and all my contact details are correct. There are buttons visitors can press which take them to my social media sites that I have just set up too. It’s all very impressive I can assure you.

The problem was while it looked amazing and I was blown away just redesigning the site wasn’t enough. It had to be optimised so my target audience would be able to find it when they opened up Google and typed in my services.  I soon learnt that optimisation isn’t an easy task; it involves loads of different aspects all of which can seriously eat into your time.  I outsourced the SEO of my website again to the same people who created my website for me. They have been able to improve my rankings very substantially and the traffic reaching my site shows that all their hard work is paying off.

How To Recognise When Your Site is Outdated

  1. When you search in your keywords you have to travel back dozens and dozens of pages to find it in the search engines. My website was so far back I gave up looking for it!
  2. Your contact details and any links on your site are no longer accurate or are broken.
  3. The site is slow and sluggish and there isn’t a mobile version available.
  4. You don’t see any traffic to your website.
  5. You don’t have a blog which is great for building customer trust and for SEO.
  6. You have no social media sites connected to your website.
  7. The graphics and logo on your site don’t match the ones you are using now.

Websites can work but they need to be optimised and well designed. If your site isn’t working be prepared to spend many hours of tears and frustration correcting it if you do it yourself.  Save yourself the hassle and outsource if you want the site to reflect a modern business which is one to watch.

The MyCodePartner team can help with all aspects of website design, including SEO.

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