Is Barney the Dinosaur An SEO Genius?


On a Sunday morning there is nothing I like to do more than lie in bed until the sun is high in the sky and then roll out of it and enjoy a lazy breakfast which decent people might actually call lunch.

Or rather, there is nothing I used to like doing more than that. Nowadays, my Sunday mornings involve my two year old girl barging into our room at 7 in the morning and screaming, “Barney” at the top of her voice until I am up and trying to watch a DVD with her through bleary eyes.

Who is this Barney, I hear you ask. Well, he is a purple dinosaur who sings and dances. If you have a small child you already know this, but if you don’t then it may be time to consider whether he has all the attributes to be an SEO genius.

Get Help from Your Friends

Barney has a few dinosaur friends. One of them is called Baby Bop, one is BJ and no one in my house knows the name of the other one. Apart from that, he always has his human friends to sing and dance and play with. If you work on SEO projects from home then it can seem a lonely sort of occupation, especially if you are used to working in an office full of people. However, just because you work from your spare room with your slippers on and you only brush your hair three times a week doesn’t mean that you can’t get help from your friends. A good idea is to build up a good rapport with your remote colleagues through friendly emails and Skype conversations. If you manage to do this you will feel a lot more relaxed about working on your own, and you will also have a better working relationship with the people who matter.

Be Positive and Have Fun

If you work in the SEO industry you have a better and more exciting job than many people, and it is the type of work which is likely to be even more in demand all the time. All the same, it is far too easy to get down when things go wrong and feel that the world is against you. One of the great things about our friendly dinosaur buddy is that he remains incredibly positive all the time. It can’t be easy being a giant dinosaur with a funny voice and no apparent job prospects, but he really laps it up. Whenever his little friends are feeling down Barney gives them a hug and sings a little song. It might not be your ideal approach to resolving work issues but, hey, it’s got to be better than kicking the cat or throwing your pen away in anger.

Know the Score 

His voice may be silly and he may do a little skip in the air when he gets excited, but Barney is no mug. Whenever someone is in trouble or feeling down he seems to know exactly what to do in order to get things sorted out. This is where we come to the final point on our list; having the skills to make the first two points count. You could be best friends with everyone in your team and be bursting with positive energy but if you don’t have the technical skills to back it up then you aren’t going to get very far. Our purple friend probably has a psychology degree or whatever the dinosaur equivalent is, because he is great at listening and always knows exactly what to say. In your case, you need to stay up date with the latest techniques and be aware of what no longer works like it used to do.

To improve a site’s ranking you would be better looking for a top SEO company rather than a purple dinosaur with a penchant for skipping around and singing.

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