Inventors: The People Behind the Way We Live [Infographic]

The conveniences we use today were not always so sophisticated. Everything starts somewhere. There was no flight until the early 1900s. The possibility of home electrical service didn’t seem feasible until the late 1800s. The 1800s also gave us flushing toilets and safer food, as better preservation and early refrigeration began.

It might sound ridiculous now, but there was life before the iPhone. In 1973, the first analog mobile call was made using a large, bulky handset. Text messaging didn’t start until the mid-1990s. There was no iPod until 2001. Before that, the portable music device of choice was a large cassette tape player, most notably the Sony Walkman. Cars have changed so dramatically that most early cars look like hardly more than a box with a steering wheel.

To see how far we have come, one need only look back on the last 150 years. Life is easier and more fun thanks to old-fashioned ingenuity.

Inventors: The People Behind the Way We Live [Infographic]

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