Intel Inside Mobiles Will Available Soon


For the last two weeks, there were rumors on new mobiles getting into the market powered by Intel processors. And now an official announcement on this talk is made. French Telecom company, Orange and Everything Everywhere (EE) from Britan is behind the new product. The new model is being named as San diego and will available on British market form 6th June onwards and will soon released on French Market also. Chinees company  Gigabyte is manufacturing this product.

The world’s largest semiconductor chip manufactures, Intel giving clear message on their new role in mobile processor manufacturing industry. As we know ARM processors hold the major share in smart phone industry and intel had to try lot to gain the domination in this field. Also intel is trying to develop more powerful processors for smart phones and Tablets.

On my point of view intel can’t expect much from this product. Because San diego is only an entry level smart phone with 4 inch display. And also the specifications are also so poor. So we have to wait to see, will the customers welcome this poor featured single core device.

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