Instagram Campaign A Big Hit


Ford Motor manages to stand out with its creative Fiestagram campaign on Instagram despite the plethora of social media campaigns currently online. The campaign centered around Instagram and asked users to post interesting photos with the following hashtags; #starting, #hidden, #listening, #entry, #music and #shapes. The daily winner received a Canon SLR camera while the grand prize winner won a Ford Fiesta.  A total of over 16,000 pictures were submitted. Let’s take a look at we can learn about social media marketing from Ford’s success.

Visual Mediums Rule

Instagram is a visual based site where users can apply filters to their photos which can transform even the homeliest picture to a work of art. Pinterest is another super popular visual and image based site that is growing by leaps and bounds. The success of these sites prove that surfers love looking at beautiful, compelling and useful images. It’s not just the pretty pictures that go viral on Pinterest, infographics and “How To” images are also extremely popular. In our fast paced culture, most people prefer to receive data in a visual and graphic medium versus reading a long article or blog post. Not only do users enjoy looking at photos but they also love to share them with their friends and family which is key to a successful social media campaign. The goal is to create something that is worth of sharing.

Other People Are Spreading Your Message

Purchasing a banner spot isn’t as productive as getting others to spread your message when it comes to social media marketing. Ford’s contest encouraged participants to upload photos highlighting the car’s features over a span of six days. For example, the hashtag #start is actually about the “Start Button” inside the Fiesta which allows the driver to turn the car on with the push of a button. As a result participants uploaded photos symbolizing the word “Start” for them. Ford managed to get other people to spread the word about the Fiesta’s features. The goal with a social media campaign is to go viral and getting others to spread the word for you.

People Love Contests

Everyone loves a good contest. Big companies like Ford Motor clearly have the budget to give out fancy cameras and the Ford Fiesta as the grand prize. If your budget is a tad smaller you can offer free services or even a generous discount. Prizes are key because there has to be an incentive for someone to want to join in the contest. The Ford Fieta is currently available from Ford dealers throughout the U.S such as Dave Sinclair Ford.

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