How To Use Social Media To Promote Your Creative Talents


Whether you are a musician, writer or ballerina, social media has given artists a new way to become successful. Ten years ago, artists did not have the same opportunity to market themselves on an international basis without paying thousands of dollars. Now, artists have the ability to show other their true talents for free in using social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, Blogger and other websites. The key to being successful in marketing one’s creative talents online is to have a strategy, pick and audience and be consistent in using social media.

When you are developing your strategy, think about the brand that you want to communicate to your audience members. If you develop your creative talents into a brand, it will be easier for audience members to recognize and recall your YouTube videos or gorgeous photography on Facebook. Your brand can simply be your name, or it can be a creative title that says something like “Jo-Ann’s Art Shop” or “Sandra’s Beach Photography.” If you are looking to sell your artwork to other people, then having a brand name is key to your success.

There are a few other ways that you should develop the strategy for your business. You should focus on developing content of value for your audience on a website like Blogger. Too many artists use a website like Blogger only to display photographs or artwork and do not explain the stories behind the pieces. They do not share the motivations that influenced them to create a particular painting. This information can be valuable in allowing your audience members to get to know you and hear more about your life. This information is also a selling-point and works to subtly convince audience members to purchase your artwork.

Part of determining your social media marketing strategy is also determining the goals that you want to achieve with audience members. Here is a sample list of some of the goals you may want to achieve:

  • ¬†Appreciation for your artwork
  • ¬†Increased sales
  • Relationships with customers
  • Loyalty
  • Awareness

These are just a sample list of the goals that you may have and want to achieve with an audience. You may not have a profit motive in displaying your creative talents online, and that is okay. Some people simply want to share their love of painting or dancing with the world.

Consistency is also imperative when you are promoting your creative talents with an audience. Be consistent in the blog posts that you put up every week. If audience members eagerly await to see a post from you at the end of every week, be sure to deliver the content on a regular basis. If you skip posting content just a few times, then an audience may start losing trust and stop viewing your blog website. It is also important for you to regularly update a website with photos or videos of your latest work. Be sure to keep the content fresh so that audience members continue to be interested in your talents.

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